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  • Home Sweet Home is a small residential community;
  • Known today as "Assisted Living." It is designed to provide;
  • The ideal solution for seniors who need some help with ADL;
  • Such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene and medication administration. ;

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Address :

12142 7th St Houston, TX 77072

  • Office:
    (281) - 704 - 1164
  • Office:
    (713) - 298 - 1652
  • Contacts: Mr Rolando
  • Support:
  • Services:
  • Contacts: Rolando Velasquez
What makes us different from other care options?

At Home Sweet Home we provide all services at a fixed, affordable rate. Our services are equally provided to all residents, with no financial increases based on levels of care.

What is a Residential Care Facility?

In the state of Texas, the Residential Care Facilities are legally called Assisted Living Facilities and licensed as such. It is a residence designed as a special combination of housing, personalized support services and health care services to meet the needs, both scheduled and unscheduled, of those who need help with activities of daily living. Residential Care Facilities bridge the gap between living in your home and residing in a nursing home.

What are the advantages of placement in a Residential Care Home?

1 - Dignity of the patient is preserved.
2 - Independence is encouraged to help residents function as best as possible.
3 - Residents become supportive of each other; with the facilities staff and its residents often becoming a surrogate family.
4 - Continued integration in community activities.
5 - Cost of care is less, thereby allowing a resident to remain in a least restrictive environment for a longer period time.
6 - There is proven statistics that the residents and family members report greater satisfaction of the medical care in a Residential Care Facility.

Where are you located?

We are located two (2) minutes from West Houston Medical Center. Our physical address is: 12142 7th St Houston, TX 77082. Key map is provided for easy access.

If we decided to move our family member into your facility, what documentation is needed for admission?

We need the History and physical, TB Test, Date of Immunization such as Flu Shot, pneumonia shots. Medication lists from their primary care doctor. Advance directives, power of attorneys, guardianships papers.

What personal belongings do we bring?

You can bring some seasonal clothing, family photos, prescription medications, medical equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, and canes).